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It’s time for something new… Introducing Azure Access TechnologyTM: the next-generation alternative in open access control systems. Our hardware platform provides unmatched features and functionality to provide a state-of-the-art solution for any installation needs. Brought to you by top industry pros who are just plain easy to work with.

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Our reliable, next-generation hardware platform and SDK were designed with decades of real-world experience and customer feedback. Our products are powered by the most powerful microprocessors and supporting components available. While competitors have continued to refactor legacy firmware, our systems were redesigned from the ground up. Controllers fully leverage embedded Linux OS to put your installation at the cutting edge, by providing advanced features like user-developed and user-deployed embedded applications.

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In addition to building innovative hardware, we’re focused on providing maximum interoperability, and ease of integration. Azure Access provides a proprietary SDK, ADK, and supporting documentation and example code. Our hardware is also certified z9/op=n, further expanding the range of potential integrations. Local manufacturing here in the USA supports on-time and flexible delivery schedules. With superior technical and logistical support, we are proactive and responsive to our customers’ needs.

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Our hardware topology can be spec’d and configured to meet any installation and budgetary need. Firmware features such as configurable interface-mapping and Scripting allow for custom system configurations, without having to modify firmware or receive special support from us.

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