Azure Access Technology Competitive Edge

Azure Access Technology offers fully customizable hardware interface mapping. PoE+ and integrated power distribution allows powering everything, controller to door, without a power supply. All products are rated for operating in industrial temperatures (-40 to +85 °C) for long-term reliability in the coldest and hottest places on Earth.

Open Hardware Platform

  • Intuitive SDK with tutorials and programming examples for integration into any Host software
  • Available in C/C++, Dot NET, and Java
  • CE, FCC, RoHS, UL, & ULC compliant/recognized
  • UL294, UL294b, UL1076, UL2610, & ULC/ORD C1076
  • Products are available in a variety of assembly options to cost-effectively meet explicit solution needs
  • Intelligent Controllers (ICs)

  • Embedded Linux OS
  • Maximum Security
  • All communications can be encrypted from the host down to the reader
  • OpenSSL and TLS encryption with certificate checking
  • Supports OSDP, SSCPv2 (meets ANSSI requirements), FIPS201-2, CAC, TWIC
  • Network Clustering
  • Controllers are able to communicate with each other for redundancy
  • Controllers remain functional through network failure
  • Embedded Applications & Scripting
  • OEM or other 3rd-party developed applications can be installed and run in a containerized environment onboard, without our involvement
  • Scripting feature allows for modifying behavior without changing the firmware
  • High Performance
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Rapid download speed of 10K cards per second
  • 1 million card records & 100K Event buffer
  • Power monitoring with backup to never lose data
  • Web interface for configuration and status checking over the web
  • IO & Reader Interfaces

  • Serial RS485 or 10/100 Ethernet network communications
  • OSDP
  • Panels support OSDP for communicating upstream to ICs
  • Reader interface panels support OSDP readers
  • Local Linkages
  • Can trigger output control with input changes
  • Qries

Your blue go-to in open access control hardware.