Azure Access Technology Competitive Edge

Azure Access Technology offers the most advanced and forward looking access-control system on the market; a core access-control architecture to fit standard solution needs, plus the tools for users to create custom layers of functionality for unique solution needs. PoE+ and integrated power distribution allows powering everything, controller to door, without a power supply. All products are rated for operating in industrial temperatures (-40 to +85 °C) for long-term reliability even in extreme environments.

Open Hardware Platform

  • Intuitive SDK with tutorials and programming examples for integration into any Host software
  • Available in C/C++, Dot NET (C#), Java, and Python
  • Fully configurable / custom-mappable hardware interfaces
  • Any Input, Output, & Reader can be freely assigned to an Access Point/Door
  • CE, FCC, RoHS, UL, & ULC compliant/recognized
  • UL294, UL294b, UL1076, UL2610, & ULC/ORD C1076
  • Products are available in a variety of assembly options to cost-effectively meet any solution need
  • Intelligent Controllers (ICs)

  • Embedded Linux OS
  • Maximum Security
  • All communications can be encrypted; from Host to reader
  • OpenSSL and TLS encryption with certificate checking
  • Supports OSDP Secure Channel, SSCPv2 (meets ANSSI requirements), FIPS201-2, CAC, TWIC
  • Power monitoring with backup to never lose data
  • Network “Clustering” – Once configured, controllers can communicate with each other and function without Host connection
  • Customizable Functionality Without Needing Azure Access Support
  • Embedded Applications – Users can develop, deploy, and maintain custom applications that run in a containerized environment on the board. Apps can be written in multiple languages with our provided ADK.
  • “Internal Variables” – Configurable through the SDK, Actions can be triggered by Events. Examples including (but not limited to) reader mode changes and output controls triggered by Events such as inputs changing state and timezone/schedule changes. Example use-cases being Threat Levels, Global Lockdown, and Interlock.
  • “Scripting” – User-created Scripts can add a unique layer of logical processing on top of any access-control interface objects
  • High Performance
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Rapid download speed of 10K cards per second
  • 1 million card records & 100K Event buffer
  • Onboard Web Server – Through a web browser the user can configure settings, load firmware/licenses/embedded apps, and checks statuses
  • Expandable Reader Licensing Options
  • All boards out-of-the box support enough readers to control the board’s advertised number of Doors without any licenses. Expandable Reader Licenses allow for up to 16 OSDP readers to be connected to a single controller to support more than the default number of Doors, thereby lowering cost-per-door.
  • Reader licenses can be added to controllers in the field by uploading the licenses via the web interface or SDK.
  • Downstream IO & Reader Interfaces

  • Serial RS485 or 10/100 Ethernet network communications
  • Downstream boards communicate using standard OSDP protocol with enhancements for improved capabilities and performance
  • All Reader Interface boards support Wiegand and OSDP readers
  • “Offline Modes” & “Local Linkages” allow for functionality without communicating with controller
  • Qries

Your BLUE go-to in open access-control hardware.