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Why partner with us?

Azure Access Technology’s objective is to provide easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use products that are future-proof and offer advantages and flexibility unmatched by our competitors.

1. Industry Experience

Our people have a deep access control background in both the technology and installation of access control systems. We “walk the walk” and are active players in defining industry best-practices.

2. Next-Generation Products

Other access-control system architectures are decades old and have been continually recycled into “new” products. We took the extra time to redesign our SDK, firmware, and hardware from the ground up; fully utilizing the technology of today and considering tomorrow. Our true, next-generation system allows us to maximize performance, reliability, and ease of integration & use.

3. Tools of the Trade

Our SDK comes with proprietary tools and makes use of publicly available tools to improve integration work and be easy to use once deployed. Our modernized SDK is well documented/commented and makes code easy to write and understand. OEMs are not restricted to using low-level programming languages and cryptic variable and function names.

4. Flexibility

Our products give customers the ability to customize their access control systems to perfectly fit their needs and separate themselves from their competition. Without requiring modification of firmware or special feature requests from Azure Access, customers can develop and deploy their own proprietary applications and logic scripts to run directly on our controllers.

OEM Partners with live installations

IMRON Corporation; Irvine, California, USA – More Info
Smart Rent; Scottsdale, Arizona, USA – More Info
Mavin Technologies; Rochester, New York, USA – More Info
Lockt; Tomball, Texas, USA – More Info
Trafic Transport Sûreté; Paris, France – More Info
TEKWave Solutions; Alpharetta, Georgia, USA – More Info
Midpoint Security; Vilnius, Lithuania – More Info

And more with integrations in progress…

Technology Partners

Z9 Security; Carrboro, North Carolina, USA – More Info
Altronix; Brooklyn, New York, USA – More Info

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