Azure Access Technology BLU-IC2
High-Speed Two Reader Network Controller

Open for integration with access control software via SDK.

Two reader/door control with four auxiliary inputs and two auxiliary outputs. Auxiliary inputs and inputs can be converted to reader inputs/outputs to support two additional OSDP readers on board. With paired readers,
up to eight OSDP readers and four
doors can be supported.


  • 1 million plus card capacity
  • High speed downloads (10,000 cards in one second)
  • Asynchronous Communications (no polling required from host)
  • Network clustering connecting up to 32 network controllers
  • Scripting to provide easy to modify events and logic
  • Upgradeable SOM with:
    1 GHz processor, 512MB NAND Flash and 256MB DRAM
  • Eight Supervised inputs with configurable resistor values
  • Four Output relays
  • One dedicated 10/100Mbps network port and possibility of secondary network port via USB adaptor
  • Two downstream RS485 comm ports
  • POE power
  • Micro USB port with OTG support
  • Support for FIPS 201 PKI-based card and legacy card types
  • Support for OSDP V2
  • Support for SSCPv2 (ANSSI certified protocol)
  • TLS v1.2 AES256-256HA
  • Upgrade signed and encrypted
  • Up to five host initiated connections with host white list
  • Industrial rated components, -40°C to +85°C


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