Why partner with us?

Azure Access Technology Objective:
Provide next generation products with advantages beyond our competitors, and deploy the industry’s simplest and most straightforward tools to interface with our open access control and alarm hardware.

1.Industry experience.

Our people come from access control, and have deep experience in both the technology and the implementation of access control systems. We “walk the walk”, and are active players in helping to define industry best practices.

2. Next generation open products.

Competitive product architecture is 10-20 years old. Our technology is designed to best take advantage of high speed network communications, support the cloud environment, provide cyber security, eliminate of single points of failure, and take advantage of current processor and memory capabilities.
Azure Access Technology hardware is designed as a flexible, dynamic family of products that won’t leave customers frozen in time.

3. Tools of the trade.

We’re giving you the tools you need to streamline programming.
With a simplified and contemporary interface, our new tools allow you to write interface code in English instead of using our SDK, if you desire.

4. Flexibility.

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